Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[UTAU] Kotone Ai x Soune Taya - magnet

Kotone's first full UTAU song. Yey. Also. Taya is amazing. It's voice is so clear and aaagh. Kotone sounds like poop next to him, but as a friend pointed out, he sounds very distinct. A lot of the UTAUloids sound... exactly the same. 8D

Links and other junk found in actual video. Check it out! =o

[UST by: ゆらほにゃP (Yura Honya)]

[fandub] x Kotone Ai - Strobo Nights

Sneko x Ashe Fandub~ <3 Ashe's voice is beautiful. The video, although tiring, was quite fun to make. Oh, and if it wasn't already obvious, this is me and Ashe singing with our voices.


Hello guys. Sneko here. Um. Wow. Finally some luck with blogs. I tried one on wordpress and can't say I liked it all too much because of it's complexity. That and I'm just plain dumb.

Anyways. Yeah.

This here blog's where I'll dump all my UTAUloid/Vocaloid stuff a.k.a where I'll whore out Kotone. That means an updates from his youtube channel, new UTAU songs, updates on his voice bank, covers, and well, just about anything else relating to my UTAU.

So yeah. Hi.