Saturday, August 22, 2009

[UTAU] Kotone Ai - Go My Way

Hey, guys! Sneko here. So, I have a poopload of songs I'm working on uploading, but I still need to finish images for all of them. Today, I tried to sing Romeo and Cinderella (Another side), and it was all nice until I realized that my Kotone voice sounded off. I wasn't moaning out the notes like I should've been, and my sounds didn't sound showy or anything.

I guess it was 'cause I was extremely sick. I barely have a voice even now. So yeah. A fandub might take longer than I thought. In any case, enjoy this little treat I have for you guys, plus a bonus!

Go mai weiii, go me eeeee. Go my Way, Kotone Ai ver., guys.


Vocacomic. Whuuut?

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Yeah. That's basically what happened in a nutshell.

Minus, you know, Kotone coming to life to beat the strawberries out of me.

Friday, August 7, 2009

[UTAU] Kotone Ai x CHIBIKOE - Cantarella

Yet another UTAU post. I think I'm on a roll. I have another song done for Kotone. I'm only missing the art... though I might use this cute image I whipped up a couple of days ago. Um. Yeah. Enjoy the homosexuality, incestuous relations, and pedophilia.

I'm a horrible person.

Seriously, though. Watch. Took me a whole day to color this image.

Without breaks.






I think I ascend to my yaoi heaven in peace, now.